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Vietnam visa for Guatemala ?

good afternoon,

i would like a tourist visa in june, i need to know the requirements, i live in Guatemala. And also i would like to know if i can ask for the visa when i arrive in the airport in Vietman?

thanks for your time
Alejandra Mata

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Visa for Indian PP holder, fees and time

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am Indian PP holder with valid Malaysian work permit and I am working here in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia since 6 years.

I plan to visit Vietnam for vacation/tour starting 25 th April to 28 th April 2015 and would like to apply for Single entry, 30 day, tourist visa.

I would like to know the fees for issuing visa and how many days it would take for issuing the visa?

Waiting eagerly for your reply.



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How many photos are required to get the visa on arrival in Saigon?

How many photos are required to get the visa on arrival in Saigon? some people say two are necessary, others say 4.

Thank you for answering


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How to apply visa for HKSAR passport holder ?

Dear Sirs,

I saw the nationality options, Hong Kong, it means not flying from CHINA, Hongkong, Macau, so if the ‘HKSAR passport holders’ flying from HK, can I use your online visa service please?

Please clarify asap.

Cecilia Tam

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Visa Requirements for Guatemalan people


Could you please send me the requirements to apply for a visa

I am located in Guatemala.

Thank you!

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Visas while on a cruise ship

We will be on a cruise ship , stopping at two ports, but not staying on land. do we need a visa as alot of countries have the ship do this paperwork.

Thanking you


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Where I have to take my visa? In Ho Chi Minh or in Hanoi?

Dear VietnamvisaEmbassy.org,

My name is Corrado Mangioni and I already used, many times in the past, your precious service of visa on line.

This time a new situation occurred and I would like to ask your suggestion.

I will arrive to Hanoi Airport (my final destination) on December 17.

Previous times I arrived from outside Vietnam, while this time my itinery is: Milan – Abu Dabhi – Ho Chi Minh – Hanoi.

So, I will arrive on 17 December at 18:40 to Ho Chi Minh and I have an internal flight to Hanoi at 20:00.

My question is: where I have to take my visa? In Ho Chi Minh or in Hanoi?

And, if I have to take it in Ho Chi Minh, will I have enough time to take it? In my opinion no.

So, at least, I would like to ask you if it is possible to take my visa, as usual, in Hanoi Airport.

Thank You and Best Regards!

Corrado Mangioni

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A few questions Vietnam visa

Dear Sir/Madam,

I’m a Portuguese citizen, travelling with a Austrian citizen and we will arrive to Vietnam on 21st or 22nd this month, by land. What options do we have in order to get a Visa for Vietnam, and what will it be the total costs?

Is it possible to get a visa on arrival? I’ve been trying to fill the online form, but as I’m probably arriving by bus from Cambodia, it’s impossible to fill it, because it asks for a “port of arrival”.

Is there anything else you require? How can we arrange for picking up our visas on the border? Do we only need to bring the approval letter with us, and show them when we cross the border?

Best regards,

Celso Coutinho

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How to apply Vietnam arriving for cruise ship?

I will be travelling to Vietnam arriving via the Crystal Symphony Cruise ship on Dec 25, 2014 and leaving on the same ship on Dec 28 2014. I wish to obtain a Visa for Vietnam for Tourism. Please forward me an application form as all I can find on this web site is for arrival via aircraft.

Also please advise me of the correct address and fee for this service. Also forward me what documents and photographs I need for this service. As well is you would like a self addressed pre paid envelope to return my passport and Visa.

Thank you so kindly,

Caroline Mae Alger

PS: My passport is Canadian as well as my Nationality.

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Apply visa to Vietnam for Nepalese Citizen

Dear Sir/Mdm,

Some of the officers from Singapore Police Force are going to Vietnam for Special Task Force Training Programme, conducted by Vietnam Ministry of Public Security. Among them, 3 x officers are Nepalese Citizen and holding Nepalese passports.

They are going Vietnam through air.
Is it possible for them to obtain visa on arrival or do they need to get visa stamped into their passports before their arrival to Vietnam.

Your clarification on this would be much appreciated.

Best regards,

Pravin Gurung


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Book visa for pickup at Shanghai


I am an American and in Shanghai, I hope to take the bus from Nanning,  China, to Hanoi and pick up the visa at the border. I understand I can’t pick up the visa at the border, but can you let me pick it up in Shanghai?

Could you provide this service?

Thank you in advance,
Andrew Johnston

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Visa for Vietnam aross the boarder to Chau Doc

I am trying to apply for a visa for Vietnam on line, I am booked with G adventures tour group and traveling from Sihanoukville across the boarder to Chau Doc, when i fill in the form it asks for port of arrival, I would like to know which one i choose?


David Wilson

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Visa application from London UK office

Would you please advise the fee for the issue and stamping  for a Visa application from UK london office for 2 adults traveling on 20 Oct and returning 2 Nov to Vietnam
I have an application form and photos
Martyn begbey

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Visa for Myanmar citizens

Do Myanmar citizens need to apply visa to enter Vietnam? Is it exempted or visa on arrival?
Thank you.

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Visa for Italian citizen from China

Hi there, I will travel to Viettnam from China on 1st October til 8th October for tourism. Do I need to get a visa in advance or can I get it upon arrival at the airport? I am an Italian citizen, is there any particular indication or procedure? Looking forward to your prompt reply!

Best regards,


How to apply visa Vietnam for New Zealand passport ?

I am looking at travelling to Vietnam in march next year and i was checking to see if i need to apply for a visa as i am on a New Zealand passport. I am on holiday for 14 days in vietnam.
Please confime if i do need visa and if i do then how i can apply for one.

Many thanks. Ravi

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Cruising from Singapore

We will be cruising on the Celebrity Century and stopping at Ho Chi Minh [for one day](27 Jan 2015) & Hue/Danang [for one day](29 Jan 2015). will we need a visa For that ?

Thank you

George Kent

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What kind of visa do I apply for?

I am a university student traveling to Vietnam to complete a 6 week clinical physiotherapy placement at VINMEC hospital and then I will be travelling in Vietnam for 3 weeks. Do I need a student visa? Do I check business, vacation or other when applying?

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Transit Visa

Hello. I am looking a booking a flight from England to Thailand, with a connection in Hanoi. I will be in Hanoi for approximately 2 hours. Will i require a Visa? If I do require a visa, what kind will i require and how much will that cost?

Many thanks,


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Regarding Vietnamese Visa

Hi. I am a US citizen living overseas in South Korea and plan on visiting Danang next week for five days and need to visiting visa for myself and a friend (also US citizen). South Korea was not listed on your site, so I was wondering if you could let us know about the procedure and fees for your services.

Thank you

Helena Bridget Yu

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