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A visa application

A visa application

I am Chinese nationality. I live in Korea now. Can I apply for an electronic passport for a trip from Korea to Ho Chi Minh city? But my passport is not an electronic passport, it’s a regular passport

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Dear Sir/Madam, I am holding DI (Document of Identity) of HKSAR and is planning to visit Ho Chi Ming City, the exact date is not yet confirm, can I apply a visa? How can I apply the visa? Thank you for your attention.
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Thank you for contacting us,

We would like to inform that you can apply for electronic visa to Vietnam with your regular passport (paper). Please click here for more information.

In addition, if you change your mind, you can apply for Visa On Arrival here with us, this is a quick and convenient way to get your visa.

Should you need further information, kindly let us know.

Best regards,

Liz Tran (Ms.)

Sales Executive
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