Sunday - 21th, Jul 2024 18:11:42 PM (Vietnam Time)
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Hanoi tourism jumps 14.6% in eight months

In the eight months lHanoi tourism jumps 14.6% in eight monthseading up to September the Hanoi Tourism Association successfully organized a record number of visits to Australia, Russia and Western Europe with the aim of promoting both inbound and outbound tourism.

Speaking at a conference on September 18, Vice President of the Hanoi Tourism Association Ta Minh Hung added that despite some ups and downs, overall leisure tourism (both domestic and foreign) attained remarkably good growth during the eight month period.

As a result of the East Sea dispute, foreign arrivals in Vietnam dipped 19.94% on-month in June to 539,776 according to official statistics, Hung said.

However, the market quickly rebounded in July and August, and in the eight month period nationwide tourism jumped up 12.2% on-year to 5.4 million foreign arrivals. Hanoi alone experienced a record 14.6% rise in tourism to 1.6 million foreign arrivals.

Hanoi Tourism Association leaders are continuing to coordinate with the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and relevant local authorities to develop new tours, especially to the more famous spots and natural heritage sites, he said.

At the event, the Hanoi Tourism Association added four new members: Vinaventure club, AZ Gift, Large House Co. Ltd and New Sake restaurant.