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Hello. How can i help you today?

How to get vietnam visa to cross the border between Cambodia and Vietnam ?

Hello, I’m French of nationality and living in the UK. I’m writing to find out how I can obtain a visa if I’m crossing the border between Cambodia and Vietnam. I have looked on-line and it looked like I needed to arrived at an airport.
Could you tell me what I needed to do.
Thank you.

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Get Vietnam visa to cross Ho Chi Minh from Siem Reap by bus.

Dear Sir/Madam,
I have a couple of questions which I would appreciate if you could answer them.
I am planning to cross Ho Chi Minh from Siem Reap by bus, could you explain to me the visa procedures? I am a Mauritian holding a Mauritius Passport. I phoned the Vietnam Embassy in Kuala Lumpur and they say it cost rm400, is there any other way for me to get my visa?

Thank you for your help.
Sophie Ng

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Vietnam visa by land for Indian and Chinese

Hello, I have only just received my passport back after applying for both my Indian and Chinese visas, and leave for China on Saturday 17th May. I am arriving in Vietnam by land on a tour so cannot get a paper visa and require a passport visa, however will need this for Saturday. How can I do this?

Thank you for your time,

Robyn Fox

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Need Help for visa information

Dear Sir/Madam,

I want to apply visa for My boss who is Netherlands passport holder.

Pls help me how to get the visa for him as he is stay and work in Indonesia.

I want to do the visa for him once his ticket confirm as now the ticket is still wait list

Pls help me the step until finish and what is need by him to bring to the airport for the immigration check

This is to avoid any problem there so I have to check all detail first.

Pls also adv what is need to bring other document :

If for vacation

If for business

Thank you very much for your kind attention and help

Best Regards,

Tina Sihotang

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Vietnam visa for transit at Ho Chi Minh airport

Hello, i am travelling with Vietnam Airlines from Paris to Singapore. I have a stopover in Ho Chi Minh City for 2 1/2 hours and will not be leaving the airport. Do i need a visa for that, and which one do i get.

Kind regards linda

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How much a one month visa to visit Vietnam from UK ?

How much do I need to pay for a one month visa to visit Vietnam from UK ?

Thank you


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Getting Vietnam Visa in Wellington, USA

Is there any other way to get a visa for my visit to Vietnam besides the Visa-on-line service or visiting the embassy in Wellington?
What happens if I get the visa and I need to change the travel dates?
I am going to HCH city and surrounding areas so what innocculations do I need?
Do I need to have a health certificate showing what innocculations I’ve had?

Thanking you for your help.

Peter George Jamieson

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Vietanm visa for Colombian

Good morning, I am Colombian and I am on Holliday Indonesia, in 2 weeks I need to go to Vietnam because I am going to do a volunteer with the NGO AIESEC, could you tell me where I can make the visa process (for 3 months multiple entry), and how long it takes?

Thank you

Juana Milena Sarmiento

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Get Vietnam visa in Bangkok


I am travelling from the UK and will be arriving in Bangkok on 15 May 2014 to do some travelling.

On 22nd May I will be travelling on a private bus from Sihanoukville to Can Tho, and on 3rd June 2014 will be leaving Vietnam from Hanoi on an aeroplane to arrive in Vientiane .

I am confused as to how to fill in my online visa application. Please could someone contact me with more information.


Jessica Pammen

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Apply Vietnam visa for child ?

Dear sir / madam,

I’m Monique van Elteren, dutch, 24 years old and living in Dalat.
Although I’m teaching english, I’m still living here on a tourist visum.
By now I am 5 months pragnant and I have some questions for you.

1. If the baby is born and the father (vietnamese) will not recognize it as his own child, how is the visa arranged for my child?
2. Where and how do I declare my child after giving birth?

I hope you can give me some more information.


Monique van Elteren

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Vietnam visa for cruise entry ?

My wife and I will be visiting Ho Chi Minh City for one day from a cruise liner, the Sapphire Princess, in February 2015. Could you please advise me of the cost of a visa for this visit.


Norman Craven-Griffiths

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Apply Vietnam visa for Irish citizens in Australia

hi , we are traveling to Vietnam 13th Jan 2015 and staying for 6 days , can you please advise we require a visa for this vacation and the name of the visa if required

We are both Irish citizens (living in Australia )

Many Thanks


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Apply Vietnam visa for Icelandic citizen in New Zealand

Good morning.

I am an Icelandic citizen going to Vietnam 27th of March. I thought I could apply online for Visa but saw that is only for the airports and I will come to Vietnam through Cambodia border (by land). There is no Vietnamese embassy in Iceland. How is best for me to get visa since I am travelling at the moment in new Zealand. Could the application form be sent to me? My first destination in Asia is Bangkok. Could I contact the embassy there? All help is very much appreciated!

Best regards,
Solrun Sigurdardottir

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Information On Visa to Vietnam

I have valid multiple visa for Vietnam in my old passport. But due to some reason I have to make a new Passport and now I have both passport with me. Can I travel to Vietnam with both passport , and can transfer visa from my old passport to new passport at Airport? Please let me know if I need to follow any other process?

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How long it takes to get a stamping visa ?

Can you please tell us how long it takes to get a stamp in our passports at the Ho Chi Ming airport when we arrive with Visa Approval Letter? we will need to fly to Nha Trang from Ho Chi Min city so need to know on what time approximately to book a flight.

Thanks a lot.

Alena and Alex

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Long-term Vietnam working visa?

Dear Sir/Madam, My partner and I would like to teach English in Vietnam for a few years. My partner is French and I am Dutch and I am a permanent resident in Australia. Would it be possible for us to work in vietnam for 3 years and what kind of visa should we apply for?

Thanks in advance,

Ivo den Uijl

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Vietnam visa fee in Bangkok, Thailand

Dear Sir, Madam

I am Irish. My name is Peter Sheehy.  I am now in Bangkok and had already book the return ticket to Hanoi from Thailand. I would like to go to Vietnam embassy in Bangkok to apply for an entry visa.

Please tell me how much it cost and do you accept credit card payment or cash only. Which currency do you accept. How long is the visa process or do I get my passport visa stamp on the same day.

Thank you


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What is the current fee for 1 month stamp

What is the current fee for 1 month stamp, single entry and 3 month stamp, single entry? If I apply today Feb 8 will I have it in my email by Feb 12? I am in Thailand currently and on the same date as you.

Thank you.

Glen Rose

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Apply Visa to Vietnam in Thailand


I am a US citizen living in Thailand. To apply for a visa to Vietnam at the embassy what do I need to bring besides my passport?


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Vietnam visa for Myanmar

I would like to ask that Myanmar passport holders need to apply visa or not? We wana visit to hochimin city from phenom penh by bus..please answer about that.

Thank you.



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