Friday - 22th, Sep 2023 18:10:23 PM (Vietnam Time)
-Vietnam Visa Embassy

Repatriation procedure for Vietnamese citizens in United States/China/Taiwan

In the context of the complicated emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic, it is understandable that overseas Vietnamese want to return to Vietnam and reunite with their loved ones. Having caught this demand for repatriation of overseas Vietnamese, the Vietnamese government has been operating repatriation flights to bring home Vietnamese citizens stuck abroad. Beside this method, Vietnamese citizens can return to Vietnam on commercial flights.

The following information will give you more information on how to apply for repatriation to Vietnam during the COVID-19 pandemic, especially focusing on overseas Vietnamese residing in three countries: the United States, China, and Taiwan.

1. Priority objects for repatriation (only apply for repatriation flight)

– The employee’s contract has expired, he/she has lost his job, and he/she has no income (for at least 2-3 months), but the employer has no conditions to support him/her
– Students under 18 years old or those who have completed the course are having difficulty finding accommodation or extending their stay
– Vietnamese citizens on short-term exit, businessmen and intellectuals are stuck by the COVID-19 pandemic, facing financial, accommodation difficulties, and other special difficult cases.
– The elder wish to come back home country

2. Condition for applying for repatriation to Vietnam

– Have documents proving that the person holds Vietnamese nationality or dual nationality (2 nationalities including Vietnamese nationality)
– Have relatives in Vietnam who agree to sponsor
– Have a detailed quarantine plan
– Have a passport must be valid for six months
– Have a negative RT-PCR test result within 72 hours before entering Vietnam. The RT-PCR template must be in English
– Fill in and submit an online health declaration form within 24 hours before entering Vietnam
– Commitment to comply with Vietnam’s entry and quarantine requirements.

3. Procedure for repatriation of Vietnamese people residing overseas

3.1 Repatriation procedure to Vietnam on the repatriation flight
– Step 1: Visit the website of the Vietnam Embassy/Consulate in the United States/China/Taiwan to check all information on repatriation flights from the United States/China/Taiwan to Vietnam
– Step 2: Fill in and submit an application for repatriation via the direct link and/or email address provided by the Embassy at the request of the Embassy
– Step 3: Receive a confirmation email from the Embassy (Only citizens who had registered and sent an email to verify complete information with urgent reasons will be approved – no email will be sent if not approved)
– Step 4: When citizens receive the confirmation email, they should immediately contact the airline to buy tickets according to the instructions of the Embassy.Note: The Vietnamese Embassy in the United States only accepts registration of Vietnamese citizens in the United States who want to repatriate.

3.2 Repatriation procedure to Vietnam on the commercial flight
– Step 1: Find a commercial flight to Vietnam from United States/China/Taiwan
– Step 2: Relatives in Vietnam write a sponsor letter. Then send the letter with a copy of the citizen’s passport who needs to return home to a commune-level People’s Committee
– Step 3: Submit the application to The National Steering Committee for COVID-19 Prevention and Control
– Step 4: Book flights, quarantine hotels, and arrange domestic transportation from airport to quarantine hotel
– Step 5: Test COVID-19 within 72 hours in host country (United States/China/Taiwan) before flight time
– Step 6: Get ready to board the flight back to Vietnam.

The above article has provided you with information on repatriation procedures for Vietnamese living in the United States/China/Taiwan. Hope it will be useful and help you have the right repatriation plan.