Saturday - 21th, May 2022 05:51:45 AM (Vietnam Time)
-Vietnam Visa Embassy

Vietnam Airlines reconnect some international routes from 1/4

To gradually restore the safe flight path, meet the travel need passengers and contribute to economic development, travel from 01/04/2021 to 30/06/2021. Vietnam Airlines will exploit the plan regular extraction comes 04 flight route included Ha Noi- Narita( Tokyo, Japan), Ha Noi- Incheon( Seoul, Korea), Ha Noi- Sydney and Ho Chi Minh city- Sydney (Australia)

vietnam airlines reconnect some international routes from 1-4

Vietnam Airlines reconnect some international routes from 1-4

Especially, exploit the plan:

  • Flights from Ha Noi to Seoul will start on Thursday every week
  • Flights from Ha Noi to Tokyo will start on day 3,8,11,16,23,27,29 in April 2021. In May and, June the frequency of flights per week on Thursday and Saturday
  • Flights from Ha Noi to Sydney start on Saturday
  • Flights from Ho Chi Minh city to Sydney departure 2 times a week on Thursday and Sunday.

Now a day, according to the rules of entry of countries, flights from Viet Nam only serving the needs of Vietnamese people studying, working, visiting relatives abroad, foreigners returning from Vietnam, and by the immigration regulations of the countries. Passengers need to actively refer to the immigration regulations officially announced by the embassies of countries to ensure the necessary documents and procedures

Vietnam Airlines said it will not be responsible in the event a passenger is denied entry. For the carriage of passengers from abroad, according to the current entry regulations of the Government of Vietnam, Vietnam Airlines said that the airline continued to carry according to the allocation of the authorities in the form of return flights. and flight specialist.
Vietnam Airlines is also planning to launch package flights from Japan, Korea, and Taiwan (China). The performance of these flights is subject to the licensing of the authorities.