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Vietnam Visa Fees

Vietnam Visa Fees 2024

The standard fee for a single-entry e-visa is US$25 and multiple-entry e-visa is US$50. In addition, you need to pay an additional for consulting fees if you apply for a visa through travel agencies (each agent will have a different service fee).


Applicants have to pay us service fee in advance through one of our payment options to obtain the e-visa approval letter in the next 4-6 working days. However, they may also choose Rush visa to speed up the process and get it done within  2 working days (urgent) or 1 working day (super urgent). Check out this table below:

Purpose of visit Stamping fee Consultant  fee Processing time
Tourist 25 USD 30 USD 4 – 6 working days (Excluding Saturday, Sunday and Vietnam Holiday)

It will normally take 4-6 working days for you to receive the e-Visa letter; however, the processing time may be extended by a large number of applicants. Therefore, you should consider applying for an e-Visa 1-2 weeks before your departure date.

In case you need an instant process, you can use our urgent Vietnam visa service in 1 or 2 working days.

Note: You cannot extend your Vietnam e-Visa at the moment. In case you want to stay in Vietnam after the e-Visa expires, you should leave Vietnam to go to a neighboring country and then come back with a new visa.

For your convenience, you can also use our airport transfer service.