Sunday - 23th, Jun 2024 02:13:53 AM (Vietnam Time)
-Vietnam Visa Embassy

What should you do if you are blocked in Vietnam?

It might be said that the global outbreak of nCOVID-19 has brought many impacts on daily life aspects. The great number of tourists have been blocking at the country they were travelling, they do not found the proper way to come back their hometown. Imagine that you are in this situation, you feel panic; of course you are. In addition, some people do not have enough money to cover their livings in many days. How should you cope with these?

Basing on my real experience, a Thai person having blocked in Vietnam a neighbouring country, I would like to sum up some points you should follow if you face the same case.

1. Contact with your embassy

You know, the primary responsibility of embassy is to help their people to deal with their problems when living or travelling in outside of homeland. They will be a bridge to connect you to the landlord, to authority or even your family in homeland. I myself asked the support from them to find out the information of flight to way back home, I think their great support made me feel better.

2. Update the immigration laws regularly

I am Thai person and came to Vietnam under 30 day exemption; I regularly update the policy changes to avoid any unexpected issues might come. Thanks to this update, I know, during the social distancing in Vietnam, overstay is not be fined. It is a truly respectable policy to show the understand thoroughly on travellers. You can follow the news on some visa groups or some visa agencies such as;

Moreover, if you wish to stay in Vietnam longer since this country has been controlling the pandemic effectively, visa extension should be considered. Ask your embassy or agencies above to find out the suitable solution. I myself hope that Vietnam should step on my country, Thailand in automatically extend the second visa for foreigners for three more months.

3. Join in the community of your country in the host country

I think this step is extremely helpful, you will find the sound advice from people facing the same situation. Every single day the new topic has been updated and you can draw your own experience. I joined Hanoi Massive group and I found many useful recommendation here.

Above all, I hope this pandemic is going to end soon to all people, all aspects of life and all countries in the world can come back their regular life.