Sunday - 23th, Jun 2024 02:38:08 AM (Vietnam Time)
-Vietnam Visa Embassy

Payment Guidelines


– If you make payment failed, some below situations which could have possibly caused the decline. Please double check carefully before making payment again:
+ Your credit card does not have online payment function.
+ Your credit is expired.
+ Mistyped the Card Security Code (CSC).
+ Reached daily spending limit.

– What if you wish to order extra service after submitting the visa application? Do not worry. Kindly send an email to us [email protected] and states the services you want to add; then we will send you a link to make the extra payment.

– The status on our website is changed manually during the working hours. Therefore, do not worry if you make the payment successfully but when check the visa status it is said “your payment has not made”. It will be updated soonest in our next working hours.