Sunday - 21th, Jul 2024 18:24:38 PM (Vietnam Time)
-Vietnam Visa Embassy

Apply Vietnam Tourist Visa


The number of visitors coming to Vietnam on tourist purpose is biggest and of course, Vietnam tourist visa which is normally valid 1 month is the most popular. You can extend it if you want to stay in Vietnam longer.
How to get Vietnam tourist visa?
In order to get a Vietnam tourist visa online, you need to provide us the information as follows:
Name on the passport: It is required the name which appears fully on the passport. But the order is not so very important, either surname first or given name is accepted.
Date of birth: The date format on our website is MM/DD/YYYY, but you can use any format provided that you will take note to remind
Nationality: Remember to provide the nationality on the passport you use.
Passport ID: It should be valid at least 6 months from the date of arrival.
Date of arrival: It is not required fully exact; however, remember that you are just allowed to go to Vietnam later not earlier.
Type of visa: One month single entry or one month multiple entry. In case you want to get longer visa, of course, it is no problem. You can contact with us for further support.