Thursday - 07th, Dec 2023 13:39:53 PM (Vietnam Time)
-Vietnam Visa Embassy

How to get Vietnam business visa?

You are demanding to obtain to Vietnam business visa; however, there are many changes you cannot follow; the information in this article might be informatic and helpful.


To get business visa, it is surely required the sponsor from your business partner in Vietnam. But how do they show this guarantee? The answer is that your partner needs to provide some documents as follows.

1. Business records legally issued.

2. Detailed working program

3. The document to send to Vietnam Immigration Department about visa application.

4. Passport scan, e-ticket and hotel confirmation
In fact, there is surely no problem to provide all documents mentioned above; however, I think that it is better to save your partner’s time by understanding some following points:

+ If you need to get multiple entry visa, the working program must show at least 1 times you leave and re-enter Vietnam.
+ Place to pick up visa stamp: Upon your demand, it can be stated as Vietnam international airport or Vietnam Representatives abroad.

For the processing time, if your partner in Vietnam do it on their own, it takes from 5-7 working days to get approval letter (it is not mentioned the time your partner prepare all documents above). If your partner in Vietnam is brand-new with all red tape procedures, it is better to ask the support from the visa agency, they can fulfill all within 2 working days only – it is so short. My partner in Vietnam did avail for Vietnam Visa service and they helped us to do all smoothly. You can consider this service in case your time is very narrow.