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Nations with high number of visitors to Vietnam listed

Nations with high number of visitors to VN listedThe General Statistics Office released a list of nations and territories having more than 100,000 visitors travelling to Vietnam.

They include the Philippines (100,500), Canada (105,000), the UK (184,700), Singapore (195,800), France (209,900), Thailand (269,000), Russia (298,100), Australia (319,600), Malaysia (339,500), the US (432,200), Japan (604,100), and the Republic of Korea (RoK) (604,100).

The neighboring countries sharing the borderline with Viet Nam – China, Cambodia and Laos – are in the list with their total travelers reaching 2.373 million, accounting for nearly one third of the total (31.3%).

Approximately 1.370 million tourists from six ASEAN member nations arrived in Viet Nam in 2013, accounting for 18.1%.

Almost countries and territories in the list are closely associated with Viet Nam in terms of investment and trade.

The US is the largest importer of Viet Nam with US$23.7 billion in 2013 and it has registered foreign direct investment (FDI) of US$10.6 billion from 1988 to now, ranking seventh.

China ranked first among trade partners of Viet Nam with its total export- import turnover hitting US$49.9 billion in 2013 and its total registered FDI that calculated from 1988 to now amounting US$7 billion, ranking 10th.

Japan has been the largest FDI provider for Viet Nam since 1988 with US$30 billion. In 2013, the country’s respective export and import to Viet Nam reached US$11.6 billion and US$13.6 billion, ranking third and second.

The RoK is the second largest trade partner of Vietnam. The country’s two-way trade with Viet Nam attained US$27.5 billion in 2013. The RoK poured US$3.752 billion in FDI in Viet Nam in 2013, claiming the first position, bringing its total amount since 1988 to US$29 billion, ranking second.

Vietnam- China’s Taiwan trade value in 2013 obtained US$ 11.5 billion. The territory has injected US$27.5 billion in FDI in Viet Nam since 1988, standing in the third place.

Viet Nam earned US$3 billion from export to Cambodia and invested US$2.6 billion in the country.

(Source VGP)