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Tour Packages in Vietnam : local transport

Tour Packages in Vietnam are different ways . These are some of your options :


If you want to visit both the north and the south of the country , the aircraft has not yet taken such a bad idea . It can save you considerable time . The main airline is Vietnam Airlines . A domestic flight you can take from these cities : Hanoi , Ho Chi Minh City , Da Nang , Phu Quoc , Buon Ma Thuot , Ca Mau , Can Tho , Con Dao , Da Lat, Dien Bien Phu , Quang Binh , Hue , Nha Thrang , Hai Phong , Qui Nhon , Vinh , Pleiku , Tuy Hoa , Chu Lai , Tam Ky and Rach Gia .

Travel in Vietnam by bus or train

The bus is the cheapest way to travel in Vietnam around. You can just take the public buses . Which are cheap and go just about anywhere . But what if you want more comfort , you can also take the minibuses that are inlaid . By private companies They are slightly more expensive .

The train is another cheap way to get around in Vietnam . There are three popular routes . The route from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi crosses the country from south to north . There is also a route from Hanoi to the northwest, in particular to Lao Cai , on the border with China . And a third popular route runs from Hanoi to Dong Dang in the northeast , in the province of Lang Son , also on the border with China .


In the Mekong Delta in the south , you can take the boat for short trips . And you can also by boat from Rach Gia to Phu Quoc . Halong Bay boat will be inevitable to visit. Beautiful karst rocks
The bicycle

A bicycle rental is an ideal way to explore . Smaller towns But also for long distances and cycling holidays Vietnam an attractive destination . Bring your own bike or if you plan to draw . Throughout the country by bicycle The quality of the rental bikes often does not really great.

Travel in Vietnam by car or motorcycle

Rent a car with a driver do your best . Unless you ‘re suicidal. With the engine is slightly safer, but in the big cities you should still always look extremely good . Also you can rent motorcycles with driver .

If you drive yourself , keep one rule in mind : size does matter . The bigger your vehicle , the greater your priority .

Local transport

In the cities, you will never have to walk if you do not want . There are plenty of cheap options to let you drive around . A cyclo you should definitely consider taking . That is a bicycle rickshaw with the seat for the front passenger .

You can also take a motorcycle taxi . These are also known as’ xe om ‘or’ honda for . Or you can take a regular taxi . If the taxi has a meter , negotiate the price first so there may arise afterwards . No discussion This also applies to the moped taxi and cyclo .

Lift is not recommended . Do you do it anyway , keep in mind that drivers expect you to pay them . So Negotiate the price. Or save yourself the trouble and risk and just take the bus or the train. You will not be so crazy to pay more.