Sunday - 21th, Jul 2024 17:33:18 PM (Vietnam Time)
-Vietnam Visa Embassy

Urgent Vietnam Visa – Working Off Hours or Weekend

Normally, visa is the first compulsory document that you have to handle before departure (both visa at the embassy and visa on arrival). However, since due to some urgent reasons (see below), some people cannot apply the visa in time and may be refused to get on board.

– Urgent family issues in Viet Nam
– Misinformation on Vietnam visa exemption list
– Flight changes for urgent meeting
– Wrong personal information in the visa approval letter which has not been discovered until check in at the airport

The worst case is you face this trouble in night time of Viet Nam or during weekend. So what can you do? I was already experience this problem in the first time I came to Viet Nam in last Mar 2013 since I had wrongly thought that I had did not needed Vietnam visa; however, I was much very lucky when found out a website which helped me to survive.

I was told that, in the past, the unique solution is to postpone the flight and wait until get the visa next working days. This problem can destroy your entire plan in Viet Nam and lead to huge financial and mental loss.

At the moment, there are another 2 other options for someone who meets this trouble.
– The first one: Guarantee service
It depends on how strong relationship of the visa service company in Viet Nam with the airlines.

– The second solution: Rush visa during working off hours/weekend
I was advised that this service is different from rush visa during working hours which many visa websites are offering. Just some senior visa company can support this service but normally, it is not public on the website. You are asked to contact them for this service.

For your reference, my consult visa website can provide this service. You can contact them via email [email protected]. for your detail case.

A notice for you on the fee for these above 2 services: since it is done working off hours/weekend or national holidays, the fee is much more expensive than normal processing visa. You can trade off between the fee and the flight charges for cancellation or flight change and make the decision.
Hope my information is helpful for you when necessarily.