Thursday - 07th, Dec 2023 14:56:22 PM (Vietnam Time)
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Viet Nam to have first annual tourism report

On May 22, the Viet Nam National Administration of Tourism (VNAT), in association with European Union project on Environmentally and Socially Responsible Tourism Capacity Development Programme, organised a conference to collect ideas to build Viet Nam Annual Tourism Report 2013.

Viet Nam to have first annual tourism report

The first annual report on Viet Nam’s tourism will bring benefits to the country’s tourism sector, potential investors and state agencies. The project will gather international and domestic experts to support VNAT to build and popularise the report.

The report focuses on contents of an overview of 2013’s tourism objective implementation, an overview of the global tourism growth in ASEAN and Vietnam, tourism marketing strategies, tourism statistics, tourism and its contribution value to Vietnam’s economy, regulations to travel companies and tour operators.

The Viet Nam Annual Tourism Report 2013 is expected to be released in September and will be popularised domestically and abroad.

Source: CPV