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When Vietnam international routes are resumed?

Hanoi – The Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam has submitted to the Ministry of Transport a plan to reopen international flights in 3 phases. Only ‘combined’ flights for Vietnamese nationals will be resumed in the early stages. Vietnamese carriers will work with partners, diplomatic missions, and localities to arrange quarantine areas. Phase two begins July, with regular flights bringing passengers to Vietnam again.

vietnam international routes are resumed

When Vietnam international routes are resumed?

Upon arrival, immigrants including Vietnamese citizens and foreigners must stay in the quarantine area. The flights will initially operate on routes between Vietnam and Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan. The total number of weekly flights to Vietnam will be 24 flights, with more than 7,000 passengers subject to quarantine. The third phase may begin in September, depending on the COVID-19 vaccination protocol in Vietnam and the subsequent assessment of herd immunity.

The Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam (CAAV) said that this plan will be applied to countries and territories that accept the effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccine that Vietnam has approved for use. The CAAV said that the deployment market included countries and territories that had announced the acceptance of the COVID-19 effect of the same vaccine that Vietnam had announced for wide application. Accordingly, there will be no requirement for centralized isolation for passengers who test negative for SARS-CoV-2 by Real-time PCR three to five days before their arrival in Vietnam and have the certificate of immunization from government-approved immunization facilities or less of the World Health Organization’s vaccination facility system for COVID-19.

Besides, the representative of Vietnam Airlines said that it would restore some international routes from June 1 to June 30 from Vietnam to Japan. Routes will operate regularly from April 1 to June 30, including Hanoi – Narita (Tokyo, Japan). Specially, exploit the plan:

Flights from Hanoi to Tokyo will start in the day 3,8,11,16,23,27,29 in April 2021.

Vietnam Airlines currently according to the immigration regulations of the countries, flights from Vietnam only serve needs such as study, visit relatives, foreigners from Vietnam want to return to the country and all must be suitable. with the immigration regulations of the countries.

As for the carriage of passengers from abroad to present Vietnam Airlines only transport according to the Vietnamese government’s regulations in the form of return flights and specialist flights.