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A visa application

I am Chinese nationality. I live in Korea now. Can I apply for an electronic passport for a trip from Korea to Ho Chi Minh city? But my passport is not an electronic passport, it’s a regular passport

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e- Visa 30 days but want to visit Laos and Cambodia and get my flight back from Ho chi Minh

I am an Italian citizen, I got a 30-day online e-visa and I bought my flight to (go) and from (return) Ho chi Minh. I am currently in Vietnam and I am planning to spend the last 10 days visiting Laos first and then Cambodia to return to Ho Chi Minh and get my flight back. Some people told me that if I go out from Vietnam I can not get in again using my 30-day e-Visa, so I was wandering if I could apply for a free 15-day visa at the border instead.

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