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How to apply visa Vietnam for New Zealand passport ?

How to apply visa Vietnam for New Zealand passport ?

I am looking at travelling to Vietnam in march next year and i was checking to see if i need to apply for a visa as i am on a New Zealand passport. I am on holiday for 14 days in vietnam.
Please confime if i do need visa and if i do then how i can apply for one.

Many thanks. Ravi

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Hello Team My Travel agent mentioned we don't need a visa . I think she may have this wrong? Would I need one entry visa only?. i arrive on the 13th March, fly into Hanoi and leave on the 24th of March to Bangkok. On the return to New Zealand I fly into Ho Chi Minh City 27th March - This is only in transit for 4 hours before flying on to NZ Please advice. Kind regards Nicholas Curran
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Thank you for contacting us.

This is to inform that New Zealand passport holders are required to apply visa to Vietnam. There are two common ways to apply visa to Vietnam as follows.

1. Apply Vietnam Visa at Vietnam Embassies/Consulates (effective for all citizens and all borders in Vietnam including airports, land or sea): You go to the Vietnam Embassy or Consulate aboard to apply the visa in person. Kindly contact them for detail requirement of each nationality in advance. Please visit here to find the nearest Embassy or Consulate of Vietnam.

2. Apply Vietnam Visa on Arrival with (applicable for air travellers only): If you do not wish to go to the embassy to apply visa in person, you can consider visa on arrival. It takes only 1-2 working days to proceed your visa application. To learn more about visa on arrival, please visit our website here.

We hope it helps and should you need further support, feel free to contact us.

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