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Information about Visa On Arrival?


we’re a group of four people planning a 20 days trip to Vietnam in august.

We would like some clarification about the “Visa On Arrival Procedure”: reading over the internet, we’ve found divergents traveler’s opinions about the Visa On Arrival procedure, stating that is “not official” or “not always accepted” and that there have been travelers not being able to board on a flight due to the refusal of that Visa procedure by the local authorities.
In detail, we will fly to Hanoi from Bangkok.

So, we’re hereby asking: is the Visa On Arrival totally safe and accepted or are we going to have problems travelling to Vietnam with this kind of document?

Waiting for your kind and exhaustive reply, we send best regards.


Andrea Raimondi

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How to apply Vietnam tourist visa in Taipei?


Thank you for your mail back, currently in Taipei and in July in HANOI, is it mandatory to have a tourist visa for a period of five days in Vietnam is from 10 to 14 July inclusive.
Airline return tickets Taipei.

Patrick PERNET

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How to apply Visa Vietnam for Hong Kong citizens?


My name is Yannick YAMANGA.

I have to travel tomorrow Monday 17th of august to HCM from Hong Kong.

I have unfortunately didn’t received the approval letter.

Would you please let me know when I will receive it. As I urgently need to get this flight.

Also do you know if I need this approval letter if i flight with Vietnam airlines?

It’s urgent because my flight is at 7.55am from Hong Kong.

Thank you.

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Vietnam visa for Guatemala ?

good afternoon,

i would like a tourist visa in june, i need to know the requirements, i live in Guatemala. And also i would like to know if i can ask for the visa when i arrive in the airport in Vietman?

thanks for your time
Alejandra Mata

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Apply visa to Vietnam for Nepalese Citizen

Dear Sir/Mdm,

Some of the officers from Singapore Police Force are going to Vietnam for Special Task Force Training Programme, conducted by Vietnam Ministry of Public Security. Among them, 3 x officers are Nepalese Citizen and holding Nepalese passports.

They are going Vietnam through air.
Is it possible for them to obtain visa on arrival or do they need to get visa stamped into their passports before their arrival to Vietnam.

Your clarification on this would be much appreciated.

Best regards,

Pravin Gurung


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Visa for Italian citizen from China

Hi there, I will travel to Viettnam from China on 1st October til 8th October for tourism. Do I need to get a visa in advance or can I get it upon arrival at the airport? I am an Italian citizen, is there any particular indication or procedure? Looking forward to your prompt reply!

Best regards,


Apply Vietnam visa in UK

Hi, I’m travelling to Vietnam in November to take part in a charity bike ride and was wondering what the visa process is? I’m actually working in Spain and will be travelling back to the UK to fly out to Vietnam so I will have to apply for the visa from here.  Any information you can give me will be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Janine Gregor

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VOA – Hong Kong BN(O) passport

I am holding Hong Kong BN(O) passport. I\’ll be flying to HCMC from Singapore. Am I eligible to VOA at HCMC airport?

Thank you

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Getting Vietnam Visa in Wellington, USA

Is there any other way to get a visa for my visit to Vietnam besides the Visa-on-line service or visiting the embassy in Wellington?
What happens if I get the visa and I need to change the travel dates?
I am going to HCH city and surrounding areas so what innocculations do I need?
Do I need to have a health certificate showing what innocculations I’ve had?

Thanking you for your help.

Peter George Jamieson

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I wish to lodge visa application by post

My husband and I wish to lodge visa application by post. Can you please tell me the fee for one month visa (single entry) for each of us we will be travelling between 25 March and 3 April 2014. Thank you, Regards Sharon Derwin

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