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Information about Visa On Arrival?

Information about Visa On Arrival?


we’re a group of four people planning a 20 days trip to Vietnam in august.

We would like some clarification about the “Visa On Arrival Procedure”: reading over the internet, we’ve found divergents traveler’s opinions about the Visa On Arrival procedure, stating that is “not official” or “not always accepted” and that there have been travelers not being able to board on a flight due to the refusal of that Visa procedure by the local authorities.
In detail, we will fly to Hanoi from Bangkok.

So, we’re hereby asking: is the Visa On Arrival totally safe and accepted or are we going to have problems travelling to Vietnam with this kind of document?

Waiting for your kind and exhaustive reply, we send best regards.


Andrea Raimondi

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Hi Andrea Raimondi,

Thank you for contacting us.

We would like to clarify that there are 02 legal ways to enter Vietnam as follows:

a. Apply for Vietnam visa from Embassies/Consulates of Vietnam aboard: You need to go to Vietnamese representative offices aboard to apply visa to Vietnam in person or send them your original passports via post. You will receive your visa stamped into your passport prior to your departure.

b. Apply for Vietnam visa on arrival (this method is applicable for air travellers only): If you do not wish to go to the embassy to apply visa in person or send off your important documents, visa on arrival is a great option. It takes up to 2 working days to process your visa application and once it is approved, a visa approval letter will be sent back to you via email. This letter is officially and legally issued by Vietnam Immigration Department that allows you to board the plane to Vietnam and get your official visa stamped in your passport at any Vietnam international airports.

For further information, you can also consult many users discuss about the convenience of visa on arrival on Lonely Planet or Trip Advisor.

We hope that the information above is clear enough for you to understand about Vietnam visa procedure. Kindly consider carefully and let us know your opinion.

We look forward to your positive response soon.

Best regards,

Caroline Pham (Ms.)

Sales Executive
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