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Do we need Vietnam visas when transferring in Vietnam airports with Interlining tickets?

Do we need Vietnam visas when transferring in Vietnam airports with Interlining tickets?

Dear Sir or Madam,

Thanks for reading. I am from China. My friend and I need to transfer in Noi Bai International Airport and stay there for about eight hours, but we won’t go outside the airport. I would like to know whether we need to apply for a Vietnam visa or not.

Looking forward to your reply.


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Hi Vikas , I am in the same ship , Did you end up taking Visa ?
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I have booked an air ticket from Narita (Japan) to Delhi (India) for 27th April 2023 and I have got 2 tickets (Attached). First ticket is from Narita Airport to Hanoi (Depart from Narita airport at 09:30, April 27, 2023 & Arrival to Hanoi at 13:05, April 27, 2023). And then my second air ticket is from Hanoi Airport to Delhi,India Airport (Depart from Hanoi at 19:30, April 27, 2023 and arrive at Delhi Airport at 22:25, April 27, 2023). As per Vietjet airlines, I need to checkout my baggage once I reach Hanoi (from my 1st flight) and then recheck-in the baggage when I will onboard the 2nd flight. But would like to add that I will not carry any checkin baggage and will carry only handbag. Incase I will not have checkin baggage in that case also I have to take VISA. Please help to confirm this.
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Hi, I have a further question to this. We will have been in Vietnam for 15 days, we are then travelling to Thailand. Our flight home transits through Vietnam again, however our baggage is NOT checked through, we have to check it back in ourselves. What can we do about this? Will we need a 3 month multiple entry visa?
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Does American diplomatic passport holder require a transit visa in Hanoi for same day connecting flights ?
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Dear Arwen,

Thank you for contacting us.

Please kindly check with your airline's agent if your luggage will be automatically transferred from one flight to another so you do not need to go out of the isolated area (just stay in Transit Area), you would not need a visa for your provided trip's information.

However, if you need to go out of the Immigration gate (isolated area) to reach the baggage claim belt yourself, you would need to have a visa to pass the Immigration checking booth. In this case, you should apply for a one month-single entry visa.

Please double check with your airlines about the information above and confirm us which situation you are in so that we can support you further.

We look forward to your response soon.

Best regards,

Hannah Do(Ms.)

Sales Executive
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