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Double entry visa Vietnam

Double entry visa Vietnam

Hi, I will be arriving at Ho Chi Minh on the 10th Nov 2016 staying in Vietnam for 4 days then move on to Cambodia I will be returning to Ho Chi Minh on the 29th November for 1night then catch my flight back to England. Will I need a visa or will I be exempt, or will I need a multiple entry visa and is there a cost.

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Hi- My husband and I are from the United States and will be traveling to Hanoi 05/05/23. We purchased our single entry visa for that entry, but will be traveling to Cambodia (Siem Riep), and then flying back to Ho Chi Minh 17/05/23. Do we need to purchase another single entry visa for our second entrance?
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I am flying into Hanoi on 1/2/23 then traveling to Siam Reif in Cambodia and the back to Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City and fly out from there to USA. I am a US Citizen. What visa do I need. Do I need multiple entry or I can get two single entry visas?
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I have a group of 9 arriving in Oct 2022 into Hanoi, then flying to Siem Reap, Cambodia. Then in Phnom Penh board a river boat entering Vietnma again at Chau Doc. I need to know how the passengers can apply for a multiple entry VISA..All are Canadian and travelling on Canadian Passports thank You
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Xin chào Đại Sứ Quán Việt Nam tại Pháp. Tôi hiện tại sống ở đảo La Réunion,tôi chưa có quốc tịch Pháp,tôi có thể lưu trữ 2 năm, Tháng 9/2020 gia đình tôi sẽ đi du lịch bằng đường tàu,chính tôi sẽ đi đen Nuoc Italie,Oman,Jordanie,Israel,Emirats Arabe Unis,Quatar ,nhưng bây giờ họ yêu cầu tôi phải xin viza hoặc giấy tờ để đến Israel và Emirats Arabe Unis,tôi đã gọi điện cho đại sứ quán nhiều lần ,nhung ko ai trả lời may ,hy vọng đai su quan có thể giúp tôi. Xin chân thành cảm ơn !
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Il mio viaggio dura meno di 15 giorni e comprende la tratta Saigon phu quoc . Dopo un soggiorno a phu quoc rientro a Saigon . Passaporto italiano . Devo fare il visto ?
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My husband and I have a two week holiday booked to Vietnam and Cambodia we fly in to Vietnam Phu Quoc island on the 8th March 2018 and on the 9th we have an internal flight to Can Tho from Chau Doc we then cross the border by boat on the Mekong river in to Cambodia Phnom Pen the next day we fly to Siem Reap for two nights then return to Phu Quoc Vietnam . I understand we will obtain a visa on entry in to Cambodia for 35 US dollers but am unsure about our visa for Vietnam as we enter Vietnam twice within our two week holiday .nMany thanks nAngela & Philip
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Dear Peter Darnell,

Thank you for contacting us.

We would like to confirm that if your nationality is British, you are exempted for a visa within 15 days with single entry (this policy is valid until 30 June 2017). To enjoy the visa free, your new entry date must be at least 30 days from your last exiting date in Vietnam using visa exemption. Kindly confirm us if you are not planning to visit Vietnam without visa within 30 days before 10 Nov 2016 and you meet all the conditions to be Vietnam visa exemption.

Regarding your flight from Ho Chi Minh City back to England, please let us know if this is a transit flight from Cambodia or a direct flight from Ho Chi Minh City. In case it is a transit flight, please check with your airlines agent if your luggage is automatically transferred from one flight to another or you have to go out the Vietnam Immigration gate (isolated area) to reach the baggage claim belt.

We hope to receive your response about the above information soon so that we can advice you further.

Best regards,

Hayley Nguyen (Ms.)

Sales Executive
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