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Get Vietnam visa to cross Ho Chi Minh from Siem Reap by bus.

Get Vietnam visa to cross Ho Chi Minh from Siem Reap by bus.

Dear Sir/Madam,
I have a couple of questions which I would appreciate if you could answer them.
I am planning to cross Ho Chi Minh from Siem Reap by bus, could you explain to me the visa procedures? I am a Mauritian holding a Mauritius Passport. I phoned the Vietnam Embassy in Kuala Lumpur and they say it cost rm400, is there any other way for me to get my visa?

Thank you for your help.
Sophie Ng

In Transit visa , Asked by Sophie Ng,
hi, n nFrom my understand it appears I have to visit nearest Vietnamese Consulate to Siem Reap to get a visa if I plan on going to Ho Chi Minh City by bus. n nCan I visit your embassy and apply and get approved visa and then return to Siem Reap same day?n nI am a Canadian citizen who is retired 65 yr of age, and retired to Thailand for 7 years, and now have been in Siem Reap for about 5 years and looking at moving to Vietnam hopefully to stay for a few years there also. n nCan you advise me on procedure and timetable for my applying for Vietnamese visa.. 3 month single entry and cost. n nThere appear to be travel agencies here in Siem Reap who can help me get a Vietnamese visa but it appears I would have to travel by air and if I intend to travel by bus then I would have to get Visa from Consulate directly. n nI have desktop computer, large monitor, speakers and clothing and difficult to take all of these items on plane.n nI have recently applied for new Canadian passport as old one was about to expire and have approved 10 year Canadian passport. n n nregards,nGeorge Dowhan
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nHi! Please reply urgently. I hold a Philippine passport,we went to Phnom Penh from Ho Chi Min last saturday and today we need to go back to Ho Chi min because our flight back from the Philippines will come from there. Can you pleaee advise if we need a re entry visa?appreciate your urgent response because the bus company Giant Ibis denied us on our travel to Ho Chi Min.Thanks
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Dear Sophie,

Thank you for your email.

This is to inform that since you travel to Vietnam by bus, you must go to the nearest Embassy/Consulate of Vietnam to apply visa to Vietnam in person. Please note that the visa procedure and fee vary from one embassy to another. Please contact the Embassy or Consulate of Vietnam where you wish to apply visa for further support.

Here is the contact for your reference.

Embassy of Vietnam in Kualar Lumpur, MALAYSIA

No.4, Persiaran Stonor 50450, Kualar Lumpur, MALAYSIA

Phone: (603) 2148 4534

Fax: (603) 2148 3270

Email: [email protected]

Vietnam Embasssy in Cambodia

Embassy of Vietnam in Phnom Penh, CAMBODIA

436 Monivong, Phnom Penh, CAMBODIA

Phone: (855) 2372 6273

Fax: (855) 2336 2314

Email: [email protected]

Website: [email protected]

Consulate General of Vietnam in Sihanouk Ville, CAMBODIA

Sihanouk Ville, CAMBODIA

Phone: (855) 3493 3669

Fax: (855) 3493 3669

Email: [email protected]

Consulate General of Vietnam in Batambang, CAMBODIA

Road No.3, Batambang, CAMBODIA

Phone: (855) 5395 2894

Fax: (855) 5395 2894

Email: [email protected]

Wish you soon get visa to Vietnam smoothly and enjoy wonderful trip in our country.

Best regards,
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