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Getting 3 months multiple entry visa for Vietnam.

Getting 3 months multiple entry visa for Vietnam.


My partner and i are wanting to apply for Vietnam visas online. Ive heard a lot of websites are not legit and do not get accepted in Vietnam, is this correct?

We leave for china on friday the 8th august and fly from hong kong to hanoi on the 5th of september.

We want a 3 month multiple entry visa for Vietnam as we will exit into Cambodia and enter back into Vietnam. We have our flight booked to hanoi and an exit flight booked on the 6th of november from ho chi min back to Australia. Do we need to provide the dates in between our initial entry date and our last exit date? As we have not planned our trip precisely and do not know when we are exiting into Cambodia and entering back into Vietnam, is this a problem or and do we need exact dates?

Thank you

Angela & Jason

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Dear Angela Lee Stower,

Thank you for your email.

This is to inform that we are also a travel agency authorized to support visa on arrival for air travelers to Vietnam. We are 100% sure of our service quality and guarantee that we support official and legal visa on arrival issued by Vietnam Immigration Department in Vietnam, however, it seems that you are quite unfamiliar with visa on arrival to Vietnam, we recommend you to search for help and comments in travel forums about visa on arrival or ask travelers who used visa on arrival to Vietnam for better advice.

Regarding to your concern about dates, we recommend you to revise and apply your visa within your soonest date of arrival and latest date you leave Vietnam because as you know, once applying visa to one country, earlier arrival and later exit is not acceptable.

Wish you soon get visa to Vietnam smoothly and enjoy wonderful trip in our beautiful country.

Should you need further support, feel free to contact us.

Best regards,

Thao, Nguyen Linh (Ms.)

Sales Executive

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