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How long it takes to get a stamping visa ?

How long it takes to get a stamping visa ?

Can you please tell us how long it takes to get a stamp in our passports at the Ho Chi Ming airport when we arrive with Visa Approval Letter? we will need to fly to Nha Trang from Ho Chi Min city so need to know on what time approximately to book a flight.

Thanks a lot.

Alena and Alex

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Dear Alena and Alex,

Thank you for contacting us again.

This is to inform that it is hard to state the exact time because it depends on the number of tourists getting visa stamped at the Immigration Checking Point. In rush hours, it will takes from 30-60 minutes to get visa, or even longer.

To save your precious time, we would like to introduce you our assistant service. Our assistant will greet and support you all visa procedure to get visa promptly and conveniently. He/she will be at the LANDING VISA area with your name on the board. The fee is USD 25.00/person. Are you interested in it?

We hope that it helps and should you need further support, feel free to contact us.

Best regards,

Linh Thao, Nguyen (Ms.)
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