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Long-term Vietnam working visa?

Long-term Vietnam working visa?

Dear Sir/Madam, My partner and I would like to teach English in Vietnam for a few years. My partner is French and I am Dutch and I am a permanent resident in Australia. Would it be possible for us to work in vietnam for 3 years and what kind of visa should we apply for?

Thanks in advance,

Ivo den Uijl

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Further to the query of work visa in Vietnam, I wonder if there is any age limit for getting it. Thanks
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Hola, ¿Qué tal? Quisiera consultar que necesito presentar si mi marido obtiene un contrato de trabajo por seis meses y yo voy de acompañante. ¿Es posible obtener una visa por esos seis meses que el trabajaría ahí? aguardo su respuesta. Muchas gracias, Sofía.
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Estimados señor o señora , soy peruana y trabajo cuidando 2 niños Americanos por más de 7 años y viajó con esta famila a diferentes países por el trabajo del padre , ahora Tenemos que ir a Vietnam que es lonQue tenemos que hacer para obtener una visa para mi persona actualmente estamos viviendo en los EEUU
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Dear Ivo den Uijl,

Thank you very much for contacting us.

This is to inform that the longest visa is for 6 months and granted for business visa. If you wish to work in Vietnam for 3 years, your company in Vietnam will guarantee your stay, sign labor contract with you to apply work permit and permanent residence card in Vietnam.

Should you need further support, feel free to contact us.

Many thanks and best regards,

Support Team
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