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Where I have to take my visa? In Ho Chi Minh or in Hanoi?

Where I have to take my visa? In Ho Chi Minh or in Hanoi?


My name is Corrado Mangioni and I already used, many times in the past, your precious service of visa on line.

This time a new situation occurred and I would like to ask your suggestion.

I will arrive to Hanoi Airport (my final destination) on December 17.

Previous times I arrived from outside Vietnam, while this time my itinery is: Milan – Abu Dabhi – Ho Chi Minh – Hanoi.

So, I will arrive on 17 December at 18:40 to Ho Chi Minh and I have an internal flight to Hanoi at 20:00.

My question is: where I have to take my visa? In Ho Chi Minh or in Hanoi?

And, if I have to take it in Ho Chi Minh, will I have enough time to take it? In my opinion no.

So, at least, I would like to ask you if it is possible to take my visa, as usual, in Hanoi Airport.

Thank You and Best Regards!

Corrado Mangioni

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Dear Mr. Corrado Mangioni,

Thank you for your question.

As the schedule you provided, the first port of entry (Tan San Nhat airport) is the place you get visa stamp. Incase you worry about time, we highly recommend you use our assistance service to run your visa stamp there more smoothly and promptly, then you can catch the domestic flight to Hanoi without hurry. Kindly visit here to learn more about this service. It takes 25.00 USD/person.

Kindly consider and let us know your opinion. We look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,
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