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Vietnam visa 6 months

Vietnam visa 6 months

Read on vietnam-landingvisa website that since 2009 Vietnam Immigraton has only issued 3 months visa as longest visa and not 6 months.. I want to visit and open bank account and appears they want to see 6 months visa. Once I have bank account in Vietnam then I submit bank info to Canada and they will direct deposit my Canada Pension there and it takes 4-5 months for them to do this..

So after I visit and open account I return in about 5-6 months to live there knowing I have bank account and direct deposit from Government of Canada in place. so is it possible to get 6 months visa or is 3 months the longest that is issued?


George Dowhan

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I want to come again and visit my brothers and sisters and the resting place of my Parents. I have helped and provided to various family members homes bought or built with my funds from the USA. Most live in Cam Rahn Bay and some in Saigon area South. I also could help with establishing business between USA sewing company and Vietnam sewing company. A 3 month visa would work, but ample extra time may establish much. Thank You Hue
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Dear George Dowhan,

Thank you very much for contacting us.

This is to inform that 6-month visa is only granted for those works for a company in Vietnam and the company will guarantee for their stay in Vietnam. Otherwise, 3-month visa is the longest option for applicant.

If you wish to stay in Vietnam within 6 months, you can apply 3-month visa and then when the expiration date is coming, you can extend the visa for another 3 months.

Hope you are satisfied with this answer.

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