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Visa italian citizen

Visa italian citizen

Dear Sirs and Madams,
I will go to Vietnam beginning of August for 10days.
I would like to know if i have to apply for a visa and if so can i do the visa on arrival on Hanoi airport? I am an italian citizen.

Thank you
Best regards

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Estimados, Quería consultar si es conveniente sacar la e-visa para ir a Vietnam ya que voy por un periodo de 15 días justos. Es seguro sacar esta visa? A partir de cuanto tiempo antes se puede solicitar la misma? Ej. si voy en Mayo 2020 puedo solicitarla en Diciembre 2019? Soy Italiana. Muchas gracias Saludos,
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Dear Francesca,

Thank you for contacting us.

Since Vietnam visa exemption for five countries in Western Europe is only valid to 30 Jun 2016, we highly recommend you wait for the new exemption policy from Government of Vietnam, this policy will be launch in early July, 2016. Basing on the policy at that time, you can handle your visa suitably.

Additionally, you can pick up visa stamp upon arrival at Vietnam International airports, and surely you can do it at Noi Bai airport.

Kindly consider and let us know your opinion.

Best regards,

Caroline Pham (Ms.)

Sales Executive
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