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issues about apply visa on line ?

Hi There:

Would like to confirm following issues about applying VN tourist visa:

1.    Can Chinese passport holder apply online directly?
2.    Can UK passport holder apply online directly?
3.    Can Hongkong passport holder apply online directly?

Best Regards

Sharon Qiao

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Vietnam visa application for arriving by cruise ship

I plan to visit vietnam in December, but we are arriving by cruise ship, and are to make three port calls. Please inform me as to how to apply for this visa, and what procedures to follow.

Thank you for your help.


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Vietnam Visa requirements for American citizens

Hello.  I am a US citizen and would like to visit Vietnam for 3 days as a tourist.  What are the visa requirements?  Please reply to all.


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Apply Vietnam visa and how much are the fees

Dear Sirs, My family will be traveling to Vietnam for Chinese New Year. I would like to apply for the visa upon arrival and I would like you to guide me on how to do it. I want to make sure that I apply online in the right official web page. We are two adults and two children, 7 and 9.

Please let me know if I can apply for all our visas on line and how much are the fees.

I appreciate your response,

Carolina Motta

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I wish to lodge visa application by post

My husband and I wish to lodge visa application by post. Can you please tell me the fee for one month visa (single entry) for each of us we will be travelling between 25 March and 3 April 2014. Thank you, Regards Sharon Derwin

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Visa requirement for citizen

Dear Sir,

We wish to check visa requirement for citizen of below countries (guests planning to stay around 5 to 5 days only (tentative travel date : 12 January 2014)) :


  1. Brunei
  2. Cambodia
  3. Indonesia
  4. Laos
  5. Malaysia
  6. Myanmar
  7. Philippines
  8. Singapore
  9. Taiwan
  10. Thailand
  11. South Korea
Kindly advise which country need visa and how we can get it done and the fees.
Thank you.
Best regards,
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Vietnam visa needed with internal flight?


I’m flying from London to Hanoi, then to Ho Chi Min and finally to Melbourne all with Vietnam airways. Will I need a visa for this if I stay in the airport? Thanks.

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Where and how do I apply for visa to Vietnam ?

I live in Portugal – no embassy here. I will enter Vietnam by road at Chou Doc . I would like to have a Vietnam visa in advance not waist time getting it in Phnom Pen. Can I send my passport to UK for a visa for Vietnam? Is it secure to do so. Thank you

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