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Tiếp tục một số chuyến bay Thương mại Quốc tế đã được phê duyệt

Phó Thủ tướng Phạm Bình Minh đã phê duyệt đề án nối lại các chuyến bay thường xuyên chở khách quốc tế giữa Việt Nam và một số đối tác do Bộ Giao thông vận tải trình.

A Vietnam Airlines plane parks at the Tan Son Nhat Airport in HCMC,.


The Government’s Office on September 15 issued a document announcing the Deputy PM’s conclusion at the end of a meeting on September 8 on the proposal.

Theo đó, Vietnam will resume four air routes to Guangzhou (Trung Quốc), Đài loan (Trung Quốc), Seoul (Hàn Quốc), and Tokyo (Nhật Bản) from September 15, and to Phnom Penh (Campuchia) and Vientiane (Lào) from September 22.
The maximum number of flights will not exceed two per week on each route and may be further increased in depending on the situation.

The Government’s Office’s document also specified the eligible people and conditions for entering Vietnam via commercial flights from the six above-mentioned partners (excluding those who transit from a third country).

Passengers on such flights shall include holders of diplomatic and official passports and their family members; experts, investors, business managers, high-tech workers and their family members; and Vietnamese wishing to return home.

The passengers are required to have a certificate of a negative COVID-19 RT-PCR test result issued within three days prior to departure.

Immediately after arriving, they will be given RT-PCR tests at the quarantine facility, and quarantined in accordance with regulations.

Deputy PM Minh agreed to consider shortening the period of concentrated quarantine (possibly to five days) for people of the above-mentioned groups after they test negative twice, and then allowing them to self-quarantine at home or offices of enterprises and organisations.

Those who arrive on commercial flights after transiting a third country will have to stay in concentrated quarantine for 14 ngày.

Foreigners arriving for short stays under 14 days will have to follow regulations of the Health Ministry.

The Deputy PM tasked the Ministry of Public Security and the Foreign Ministry to shorten the time required for visa issuance to three days.

The Ministry of Public Security was instructed to coordinate with local authorities to organise and supervise the implementation of quarantine rules as regulated.

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