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Việt Nam chính thức mở lại đường bay Quốc tế từ tháng 1 2022

Theo một thông báo phát hành vào tháng mười hai 10 bởi Văn phòng Chính phủ, các bộ đã đồng ý mở lại các chuyến bay quốc tế thường lệ trong bối cảnh tỷ lệ tiêm chủng cao của Việt Nam.

Phu Quo Island, Việt Nam

Phu Quo Island, Việt Nam

On the evening of December 10, the Government Office informed the direction of Deputy Prime Minister Pham Binh Minh on agreeing to a plan to reopen regular international flights carrying passengers to areas with a high safety factor.

In the first phase, airlines will organize regular flights between Vietnam and key markets, namely: Bắc Kinh (Trung Quốc), Tokyo (Nhật Bản), Seoul (Nam Triều Tiên), Taipei – Taiwan, Bangkok (Nước Thái Lan), Singapore, Viêng Chăn (Lào), Phnom Penh (Campuchia), San Francisco/Los Angeles (Hoa Kỳ). The reopening of flight routes must be based on the guidance of the Ministry of Health on medical measures to prevent epidemics for entry people, ensuring safety, efficiency, and smoothness.

The pilot period starts on January 1, 2022.

Theo đó, the government asked: The Ministry of Health urgently issues guidelines for people entering the country on regular international commercial flights, consulting experts, businesses, and the public.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is responsible for coordinating with the Ministry of Health in early negotiations to reach an agreement with other countries and territories on mutual recognition ofvaccine passports”, prioritizing the implementation areas in the pilot phase.

The Ministries of Health, Public Security, Thông tin, and Communications immediately unify and publish a medical declaration software that is applicable to facilitate the declaration of passengers and operations activities of aviation enterprises as well as medical monitoring, control, and tracing of entry people.

The Ministry of Transport guides aviation businesses to reopen regular international flights according to the approved plan, promptly summarize the assessment and recommend adjustments in accordance with the actual situation.